True You Makeovers...

… helps you love what you see when you look in the mirror.  TYM gives you the confidence to know that who you are on the inside is congruent with the image you present on the outside.

… is like “Feng Shui for the body”. Together, we create an outer presentation that is in harmony with your true self. When you feel better about how you look, you naturally feel more attractive, confident and self-assured.

… solves the challenge of the shopping maze. With TYM shopping skills, you will learn how to save time, money and emotional wear and tear. You will learn how to build a wardrobe that supports you looking your best anytime, anywhere.

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“Aging well is an art. The challenge is to become our own masterpiece ... beautifully, gracefully and powerfully!”
Sandi Rose Miller


… is not about the latest fashion or the style trend.  It is about discovering (or re-discovering) who you were born to be and learning how to present yourself in a visually congruous manner. The TYM process allows you to present your most authentic and attractive self.